Sai Kung Taxi Call Centers & Travel Tips

If you visit Sai Kung almost every week while getting tired of the traffic jam when you’re leaving Sai Kung. The phone numbers of the key Sai Kung taxi call centers and travel tips below will definitely help.

Sai Kung Taxi Call Centers – Phone Numbers

+852 23830168
+852 2729 6600
+852 2720 6877
+852 2729 1199
+852 2368 1318

Tip#1: Add $10-40 when calling a taxi

If you have tried calling each taxi centers one by one, and no replies after a few attempts. Try to pay some money extra, especially if you are at somewhere remote.

Tip#2: Avoid the traffic jam

The traffic jam usually takes place when you are leaving Sai Kung Town on a sunny perfect day. While most people choose to go back to Sai Kung Town and then Choi Hung MTR station, I suggest people should avoid the peak time (6-8pm). If you are at Sai Kung Town, stay there for dinner and leave after 9pm. If you are in the Sai Kung country side, take taxi to the University MTR station (~$150), and i believe this is the fastest way to get to the city.

Tip#3: Green and Red Taxis

The Red taxis can pass through any areas in Hong Kong while the Green ones can only drive within the New Territories. So try to the Green ones first as they probably know the remote parts of Sai Kung, but remember the Red ones still work in Sai Kung.

Good luck and have a fun trip in Sai Kung.



  1. Koltover Nikolay
    • 03/11/2012 at 1:56

    Experience of stranger from Russia (bad English :-) "no taxi Friday eve from Che Keng Tuk Rd to Hong Kong side" – just take Green to Sai Kung and there is a plenty of Red cars waiting on the taxi stand ready to move to Queen's Road West.

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