Park View to Stanley (The Twins & 1000 Steps) – Hiking

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Park View to Stanley via Violet Hill and The Twins

Park View > Violet Hill > Thousand Steps > The Twins > Stanley (Wilson Trail Stage One)

Parkview’s rugged stretches of green, brown and intermittent cement steps offers everything you could want in an urban outdoor experience—zero cars, a great workout, cheerful fellow hikers, interesting terrain and fantastic city and countryside views. And if you start the hike around 9am, you can be in Stanley for a nice brunch.

From Wong Nai Chung Gap, walk up towards Parkview - the red brick buildings and past an artificial lake (Wong Nai Chung Reservoir Park) on the right where you can see family or couples doing paddle boating . Stay on the same side as the lake , and walk up for 5-10 mins and you will then find an entrance on the right just before the Parkview. The map shows that you’re walking towards Violet Hill and Stanley – walk up and you will walk pass the side of Park View, and soon you’ll find yourself in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by mountains and valleys, with a view of many of the outlying islands that make up the territory. Most of the paths are concreted with clear signs.

The path leads to the Violet Hill top and then descends to Tsin Shui Wan Au. Everyone rests at this junction to prepare their next destination – Tai Tam Reservoir, Repulse Bay, or the Twins. Stay with the trail and climbing up the Thousand Steps to the Twin peaks to enjoy the whole view of Stanley. (You can’t miss this coz it is the only route going uppppp)

On the way down the second twin, there’s even a lookout point with a panoramic photograph indicating landmarks in view. Once you exit the trail at Stanley Gap, it’s a 10-minute walk or even quicker run down to Stanley. If you can’t wait for lunch or a swim at stanley, jump on a bus or taxi and take you to Stanley in a few minutes.

Length: 4.8 kilometres
Time: 2.0-3.0 hours

How to get there:
-    Bus 6 or 61 from Exchange Square Terminus, Central, to Wong Nai Chung Gap, then walk up to Parkview entrance

-    Stay on the same side as Park View and walk pass the artificial lake (Wong Nai Chung Reservoir Park) for 5-10 mins

- The entrance will appear on the right where there is a map saying it leads to Violet Hill

-    Catch a bus or taxi to Stanley


Click here for detailed route with pictures

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