How to feel like Thailand in Hong Kong with $380?

Wanna head to Thailand but want to save your time and money? Why not stay in Hong Kong and make it feel like Thailand for just HK$200? Here’re the tips for you to turn Hong Kong into Thailand.

1. Pick a Sat with good weather

Hong Kong feels like summer from May to December and you have pretty good chance to experience the sunny days in Hong Kong. Check the weather few days before you plan your trip with Hong Kong Observatory – the most reliable weather forecast. If it shows “sunny” or “sunny with a few rain drops”, it is a hint that you should plan a relaxing holiday.

2. Head to a beach like Koh Samui (My choice: Cheung Sha Beach(Transportation costs ~$80)

Cheung Sha Beach is more isolated than most of other beaches in Hong Kong, yet very convenient to get to (takes around 1 hour from Central). Begin your trip at 2pm to avoid the strong sun, and stay late for dinner and drinks. The beach has everything you want – clean ocean for swimming, surf boards or water sports equipments to rent, and lots of cool restaurants. Take ferry from Central to Mui Wo than bus.  

3. Dine at a Thai Restaurant (My choice: Hide Tide Thai Restaurant) ($150-200)

All restaurants at Cheung Sha are pretty good, especially the Hide Tide – the authentic thai food restaurant where I can order my favorite curry chicken and also their homemade ice-cream. Of course, everyone knows about The Stoep, the South African restaurant which they have live performance at night which makes the beach feel even more like Thailand (Fire ball throwing and live music – good ones). The pizza restaurant next to the Thai place is awesome as well. Yes, dont forget to order a beer.

4. Finish with a massage ($150-200)

Head back to town and get a massage. Not too much a massage person, so here’s the massage suggestions from Timeout HK.

More tips? Relax, slow down, cut BB / iPhone

Well, you can’t stay away from people or facebook in Hong Kong. You may feel suffocated sometimes (or most of the time), but you should tell yourself to slow down and take a big breath before the trip starts.

Have a great weekend!



  1. Noel Liwag Aguado
    • 17/08/2012 at 5:49

    Wow…thanks for the info! :)

  2. Eric Chan
    • 21/08/2012 at 2:21

    Cool! Do you know if there are any beach houses/camp sites nearby for an overnight stay?

    • 05/09/2012 at 7:49

    Hi Andrew,

    We just moved to Hong Kong last month (me, husband, 3 teen boys) and we really love to camp. Glad I found your website. We’re pretty much tent campers, but I’m wondering if there is any long term RVing or conversion van camping allowed here? Would it be an option for living quarters? Thanks!

    • Andrew Chan
      • 05/09/2012 at 8:22

      Hey Tricia,

      Thanks for visiting. I havent really seen people go camping with a conversion van – most likely becoz driving in Sai Kung and Lantau require permits and public transportation is much easier and cheaper. If you like Cheung Sha beach, you can simply rent a tent at PalmBeach – link: http://www.palmbeach.com.hk/lodgingteepee.html – they have water sports equipments to rent so i guess your teen boys will love it.

      Hope it helps.


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