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Run with a view without the ups and downs in Hong Kong.

Running outdoor in Hong Kong may end up fighting some steep slopes or bustling traffic. Bowen Road, a tiny neighborhood halfway up Victoria Peak, however, offers you a shady, level and tranquil run with stunning scenery around. Bowen Road is Hong Kong’s most popular urban running trail. This paved, mostly pedestrian road snakes for 2.5 miles through the Mid-Levels, Taxis abound at both ends, affording you perfect 2.5- and 5-mile options for a great dawn or dusk run. Markers every 500 meters (.3 miles) can help with your speed work. Plus, the scenery is amazing.

Start your run at Bowen Road’s eastern end, near Adventist Hospital (40 Stubbs Road). At the trail’s western end, at Magazine Gap Road, you can double back for a longer run or catch the fabled Peak Tram at the nearby station.

Length: 2.5 miles (~4 km)

How to get there:

  • From the Admiralty MTR Station, go out Exit C and get a taxi for the short ride
  • At the Stubbs Road roundabout just below the hospital, you’ll find Bowen Road’s well-marked entrance.

Map for Bowen Road Running Trail:

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