1st Annual Stand Up Paddle Board Funfest – Ham Tin Beach (30 Sept 2012)

The 1st Annual Stand Up Paddle FunFest day will be held at Ham Tin Beach (Tai Long Wan), Sai Kung Country Park on Sunday September 30th.Mens, Woman and an OPEN events will be held- start time 11 am, so come join the competition (entry fee: $200) or have fun hanging out at the beach with friends.

A HKD10,000 Performance Epoxy SUP board with Full Carbon Paddle, will be raffled at the beach during the event.

You may also want to go there one day earlier for camping and BBQ at Ham Tin Beach, my favorite campsite in Hong Kong, to avoid the crowd.

Event Date: 30th Sept 2012 (Sun)
Time: 11:00am – Sunset
How to get there: Refer to this post
Registration & More info
Contact[email protected]